Seunghyun Lee is a graphic designer... Seunghyun Lee gets her kicks from making people the bird to read more and the big bubble to return home.


Seunghyun Lee gets her kicks from making people dizzy. Seunghyun’s extravagantly detailed work comes in the form of part hand-drawn, part digitally-generated, always visually disruptive animations and gifs.

“Watching millions of vividly coloured and strangely shaped elements repetitively moving, someone said that it felt like as if he was looking through a kaleidoscope. I liked the comment very much...” We asked the young creative to unravel the stories behind the images.

words by Bryony Stone, Sep 2017, It’s Nice That

  • May 1994, Seoul, Korea
  • AABB(2017~)
  • Hongik University, Visual Communication Design(2013-2019)
  • Hongik University, Art Studies(2015-2019)
  • Central Saint Martins, Graphic Design(2015)
  • Seoul Arts High School(2010-2013)

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